The GBP Balanced Fund is a Great British Pound denominated fund employing an active asset allocation strategy and a passive investment management strategy invested 50% in income assets (cash and cash equivalents and international fixed interest), with 50% exposure to growth assets (listed property and international equities). 


Investment Objectives

The fund seeks to track composite indices (before annual fund charge and tax), 5% Markit iBoxx GBP Liquid Investment Grade Ultrashort Index, 45% Bloomberg Global Aggregate Corporate Index 100% hedged to GBP, 5% FTSE EPRA/NAREIT UK Property Index and 45% MSCI world ESG Screened-Index Net GBP.


Investment Managers

The table below sets out the target asset allocation and underlying investment managers for the Fund.

For more information you can access the Funds Statement of Investment Objectives and Policy (SIPO).

Asset Class

Investment Manager

Product Name Benchmark Asset Allocation 1

Cash and cash equivalents

BlackRock Asset Management Limited

iShares GBP Ultrashort Bond ETF


International fixed interest

BlackRock Asset Management Limited iShares ESG Screened Global Corporate Bond Index Fund (IE) 45%

Listed property

BlackRock Asset Management Limited iShares UK Property UCITS ETF 5%

International equities

BlackRock Asset Management Limited iShares Developed World ESG Screened Index Fund (IE) 45%
Total assets 100%


1 The Benchmark Asset Allocation, Maximum, Currency Hedging and Operating ranges are set out in the SIPO.


Fund Performance

Due to the fund being in existence for less than 1 month, performance data is unavailable at this time.